Indian Culture

The culture of India is inherent from its rich and diverse migrations and invasions from over 5000 year old history. It has an immense physical, religious, racial and linguistic variety. Indian culture is defined by the ideas, thoughts and philosophies prevalent in the country and its people.

Indian culture is a blend of various cultures across the world, at different points in history and also its own rich traditions. Though development and modernity has set in. the people of India remain rooted in their strong and rich heritage.

India follows an ancient code of society but is a modern State. The Indian people embrace their culture and respect the dignity of their friends and foes alike. Due to the reason that Indian culture was more amenable in respecting the inherent worth of others, it had the tendency to overlook the so called alien aspects and build a society based on the principles of cooperation rather than competition.

Because of such culture People from far and wide were attracted to India. India has always welcomed and accommodated people from foreign societies. The very fact that Indian culture could withstand and flourish amidst foreign ideologies both social and religious, speaks volumes for its eclecticism. In a way Indian culture has emphasized some of the fundamental principles of modern day philosophy of human rights from time past which may be evidenced in a declaration made in the Rig Veda:
Whether one is superior or inferior all are brothers. All the citizens should struggle for the interest of them and should progress collectively.
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Indian Culture